Reviews for "AIM - Faith in Freedom"


Let's see... Mirror's Edge inspiration. Check.
Typical hybrid synth galore at 140 BPM. Check.
Haunting voice wailing in the foreground. Check.
Lengthy compositions with a cyberpunk edge. Check.
Something something freedom. Check.

Yup, OK. There's everything. Insta-fave'd. :D

I0TA responds:

Thanks bro :D.

I LOVE mirror's edge.

I am very sure you will come with stuff ten times more awesome. Can't wait for it!

Wtf, haha...
This is incredibly beautiful...

Such an effective slow build-up, wonderful melodies, impeccable sound design, thyrhm and structure. There so much going on on so many levels, yet the mix is perfectly clean!

I've got no idea how you managed to make this, but it's simply stunning. I love every second of this. And the sound effect at 4:35 is just brilliant. Seriously though, the arrangement of this one is just 100% on point. This isn't only on the level of a professional musician, but I think it's actually better than a lot, if not most of what professional musicians make.

I don't like making predictions like these, especially this early. But I've got a feeling you have a good chance of winning one of the top spots with this one. Not only does it sound awesome, but from a technical standpoint, it also holds up on every level.

I'm still in awe, haha. This is one of my all time favorite tracks of yours. Going to share it with a few of my friends!
Thanks for sharing, and good luck in the contest, man.
Astounding job <3

I0TA responds:

When I saw the AIM thread​ I went to turbo mode and made the track right away, without realizing that the track is longer than 6 minutes. It was 8 minutes lol. Only realized that when I almost finished the track.

Something that you said on my edgy post really lit a fire in me. I should be grateful for how far I got. Having shit life doesn't mean you will have shit experience. I found joy again after so long. Thank you so much for everything.

Good luck to you too. See you on Skype :)