Reviews for "AIM - Faith in Freedom"

I sincerely enjoy this. Each piece, although not entirely perfect, transcends itself. It is more than the sum of its parts. Although, 1:56's perc change was a bit abrupt and uncalled for to my ears. However, it became clear later why the semi-sudden change.

I really love your arps. Perhaps not so much your basses and that female lead, although I know samples and vocalists are harder to come by -- experience. Your use of percussion so far has been sonically appropriate, dynamically, rich, and a supplement rather than a crutch to each piece. I'm impressed.

One thing I'd like to know is how you find all these sample libraries and VSTs on your budget, because I'm not far from it, running the same approximate gear, and struggling to accomplish what I desire with the tools I have.

Fantastic piece again. Keep up the great work!

I0TA responds:

Thank you very much for your review :)

Some people collect cards, some collect dress, some have cars. But for me I collect sample library and VST. The hobby gradually grows larger over years. To be honest I go broke numerous times for this. Can't afford my food yet I can get a choir library. It's just that 'judgement day' that I decided to invest my poor life into this hobby of music production. That day lasted over a decade haha. Funny thing is that I barely used most of them.

But over time I also learned that I can create many of these sound with the plugin I already have. Which is kind of a bummer because you spend time looking for unique sounds and they're already available. That's where I learned sound design. And why I refuse to get shit like Nexus or UVI. A lot of stuff in here are made from the free stuff I shared on the free VST posts.

Thank you again for the review!

Sounds excellent dude! I can totally hear this being in the game. You surprised me with this one. LOVE IT!

I0TA responds:

Thank you very much for providing me the opportunity to express this work. And thank you for the review :)

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I0TA responds:

Thanks man!

This is something original on it's own. This is amazing for cranking this out in one day. I'm shocked. It reminds me of the Ghost in the Shell anime soundtrack, as well as Quarl's and ForgottenDawn's music a bit. It definitely sounds like the Mirror's Edge soundtrack a bit too.

What I find more amazing is the fact you find so much inspiration making this in a car, and the fact you can make it in a car, having that patience. This my friend is amazing. Only thing I'll say is the melody throughout feels a little repetitive (mostly because it has the same feel throughout) but it's subtly progressive though.

This would make great music for a fight scene or chase scene. Great job. Definitely brings the art to life. I love the glitchy percussion flutters. It ends beautifully.

I0TA responds:

Inspiration can be very effective when come to music composition. When you don't have a lot of stuff in your life it can be quite daunting for most people. However I'm not a materialist, not the first time I'm homeless either, so I have more freedom to express myself. No bill to pay, no rent to worry. whenever I feel tired I'll just park it in some suburb, or next to a fast food joint, take a rip of your weed bong and just relax. this is how I get inspiration for any composition. Life can be very simple and still beautiful.

This took 6 hours btw. I was actually surprised it took me this long to make. Tracks like this usually take 4-5 hours top.

Thank you very much for your review, RealFaction!

Great stuff.

I0TA responds:

thank you :D