Reviews for "AIM - Faith in Freedom"

hey this is really good
i feel like the soundscape gets cluttered and claustrophobic at ~2:31-3:10, i think spacing out the crunchy synths more, or maybe just more dynamic mastering in general, would help keep the atmosphere of oppression (a good thing!) without physically sounding oppressive (not as good a thing!).

really like the intensity of everything. there are a lot of subtle details, though i think some of those higher string pads towards the end feel a little overbearing in conjunction with the vocals (e.g. 4:17-4:27). really like the variety in the sound design, good use of complementary tone colours.

structurally, i would've liked stronger theming. the piece develops in an interesting way but doesn't really seem to sit around a tight idea - i have a lot of ideas about musical storytelling that i'm not super good at articulating though so i might leave it at that. i will say the flowy vocals are a really good glue to hold the piece together, but i don't get a strong sense of melodic cohesion. this is the part of reviewing that i hate cause it's all subjective n shit :v

anyway this is fkn good, keep it up. here's hoping your living situation improves so you ain't bangin tracks out of a car anymore!

I0TA responds:

Holy cow midi reviewed!!!!! :O world would explode. Thank you so so much for your well thoughtful review dude!!! And thank you for listening!

you are accurately described what were wrong in this track and what i should improve in here. thank you for that.


The vocals are marvelous, and they are the highlight of the song for me. The drum beats are astounding as well; they have so much depth, variation, and modulation. The song has a great progression. Some parts demand your attention, while others allow you to listen passively, which serves as a break from all the action. This is definitely one of my favorite songs of yours!

The story in your description is very inspirational :)

I0TA responds:

thank you very much for your review!

i like to interpret the music as if they tell or represent some sort of story. in order to get such inspiration for such storytelling technique i usually get them from my daily life. since i have pretty much close-to-zero properties on me, beside a beat-up Civic packed with some necessities, i pretty much have to find inspirations from every single shit i did, do and gonna do. it doesn't matter of the listeners find the description hysterical when they read it. because all these shits are 100% happened and happening every single day. the same routines that i have to pass in order to survive. so i prefer my listeners to feel my stories rather than some imaginative crackpot story about flying dragon or phoenix.

people can choose not to read it if they find them strange or disturbing, i don't really give a fuck. but i like to have the audiences feel what a composer felt, because every work of such musician ever written are part of his memories and is the evidence of his existence. you can see me as an existentialist, cos i take terror management theory very seriously.

but those are just my 2 cents.

IMHO, this is one of your most gorgeous use of vocals yet! The intro itself paints such a strong scene - I think it is my favorite of all your works thus far. There's also a shorter melody I really like which plays more introvertedly throughout the song. How do you keep producing better and better material?!?!?! :O It's just pouring out of you. Btw, I keep wanting to express my woe that you are eating McChicken.

On a side thought, I find freedom to be an interesting thing. I think the world would be far better were it free of oppression, whether direct or subtle/manipulative, but were mankind altogether free of a healthy conscience, the world would be its scariest yet. I think the ideal environment comes from knowing what to keep bound to and what to be freed of.

Can't wait to hear your next piece! :D

I0TA responds:

Thank you for your review! :)

perhaps not in the old days, but with this current age and time, freedom and liberty for mankind isn't difficult to achieve. i might sound of like a nut job anarchist, which i am btw, but abolishing hierarchies of all form should guarantee this goal becomes achievable. it doesn't make a different if it was capitalism or state socialism. because removing authority is what should have happened.

i would love to say we should also think about abolishing the oppression of all animals, however, this is quite unachievable since: 1) i was chomping on a chicken burger 2) as someone with indigenous bloodline becoming a vegan is very offensive to the way of life of the First Nations. but there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. so until we could create nutritions that doesn't come from animals, we have to depend on animal's meats.

i am powerless alone against the machine of this system which have marauded millions of lives around the world. but as a collective we are powerful enough to make the magic happens. to not just change or reform, but to abolish the system and build a mutual global community for everyone. it is up to us to stand up for our generation and the next ones.

i often refer my music to be a form of agitprop, aka agitation propaganda. not the bullcrap that US and co have been spewing by referring to state socialist stuff, but in literal form of art spread with political or social awareness. as stated in one of my post, the music here are a culture jamming, by taking mainstream software, style and genre, then turning them into direct messages of power to spread among people. this is agitprop.

sorry for the rants...

thank you for your support very much! wish the best for your father! take care!

I haven't been leaving many reviews lately on your tracks, not that I don't like them I do listen to all of them. I'm just not too great at these reviews/critics simply because all of your tracks are great :)
But I did have to leave one for this cause I think this is the best song you ever did till now.
I love the ambience in this and the synths along with the vocal is beautiful, which vocal instrument did you use? It sounds really good!
Nice work man, I really hope you will get into the top 3 with this one.

I0TA responds:

Thank you so much for your review. It was Heavyocity Gravity Vocalise. Thanks again for the review and listen. And also congrats for the frontpage. See you soon on Skype. :)

Wow, first submission of the contest on the first day the contest opens.. and killed it.
It was already incredible enough to know that you did this in one day on the first day, but after reading the description I feel like there needs to be a NG musician inspired music contest/appreciation or something lol.

Awesome track!

I0TA responds:

Thank you for your review.

Music Inspired contest going to be very interesting. ForgottenDawn did mention this in his post that hosting a Music Inspired Animation contest is great, especially after Phyrnna uploaded her music video. RealFaction and Troisnyx also show their interests.