Reviews for "WrongKynd"

A bit difficult to "eat" folks without stepping on them.

Get stuck a lot on corners.

Love the aesthetics. Movement is smooth (until I catch a corner of a tombstone.)

Stomping on humans makes it pretty hard to eat them and regain health, especially when the game has a fast pace.
Still a good game tho. No one can say no to retro horror.

Like the idea, love the art but the gameplay is lacking.

Make it easier to navigate around the stuff on the map, it's very laggy for some reason(at times) think it might be the dogs, its very hard to control if you want to eat people or stomp them.

Game is different and Culthulian but the buildings cause the demon-monster to end up being stuck and causes game loss too easy.

Its alright, pretty good pixel graphics, though the humans appear to have arms that scrape across the floor. I just don't like the concept.