Reviews for "WrongKynd"

C'est beau, mais je ne parle pas fran├žais.

I have no idea how I managed to miss that!

atygeek responds:

You can choose your language at the start, just select "english".

First of all, EPILEPSY WARNING, second, famerate drops. Otherwise a fun game, but too repetitive if you die on a higher level.

I was only able to get past the town square with the pitchfork villagers. The wolves were easy once I realised not to be afraid of them and just gobble them up when they get close, but I never really figured out how to kill the pitchfork guys correctly. I just had to get lucky enough to survive to the next stage, but at that point I died in seconds. Fun idea, but it's not nearly as enjoyable as slaying hundreds of humans as an unholy abomination ought to be.

Like the idea, love the art but the gameplay is lacking.

Make it easier to navigate around the stuff on the map, it's very laggy for some reason(at times) think it might be the dogs, its very hard to control if you want to eat people or stomp them.

Game is different and Culthulian but the buildings cause the demon-monster to end up being stuck and causes game loss too easy.