Reviews for "WrongKynd"

Really fun, especially after you figure out the mechanics and learn to bite properly. The only issue I had with the game was it getting laggy when too many enemies appeared.

Hey you, yeah YOU! Have you ever wanted to wander round and eat/pulverize innocent bystanders whilst playing as an ancient demon? Well guess what, this is the game for you!

That is the game in a nutshell, seriously. Munching on people for the sake of munching on people!
Seriously though this was really fun to play, even though I couldn't quite get to grips with timing my bites right, which led to many, many untimely deaths for our friendly neighbourhood Tluk'itral!

May you all have better luck than I at wiping out these surprisingly violent humans!

​​Keep up the awesome work atygeek! =)


Really cool concept and presentation here with the whole horror element. Game has lots of nice touches like blood, bone gibs, and the screams of the villagers in text bubbles. But while those elements should give a cool feel of empowerment, the game makes you feel like a real wimp: taking damage is headache-inducing as you get barraged by red flashes, blurry, shaky screens and loud noises. Furthermore, you can get stuck on level geometry, and the difference between eating and stomping can be really annoying to deal with as it's difficult to tell when you're doing which (and it sucks to stomp something you were trying to eat). Definitely a little bit too frustrating for what should be an archdemon; a little re-balancing could help greatly.

Game is different and Culthulian but the buildings cause the demon-monster to end up being stuck and causes game loss too easy.

I was only able to get past the town square with the pitchfork villagers. The wolves were easy once I realised not to be afraid of them and just gobble them up when they get close, but I never really figured out how to kill the pitchfork guys correctly. I just had to get lucky enough to survive to the next stage, but at that point I died in seconds. Fun idea, but it's not nearly as enjoyable as slaying hundreds of humans as an unholy abomination ought to be.