Reviews for "WrongKynd"

gotta admit i love the idea, it's just little dificult to eat folks without stepping on them.
but anyways movement is smooth and I also like the animation when you feed on humans. I would also like if there are consequences after little and actions, because I've already noticed your project Is going on this way. Not a bad game really, the Idea satisfies me. I'm giving you 5 star for motivation and i'll be looking forward for updates and I hope it gets better with time.

C'est beau, mais je ne parle pas fran├žais.

I have no idea how I managed to miss that!

atygeek responds:

You can choose your language at the start, just select "english".

A bit difficult to "eat" folks without stepping on them.

Get stuck a lot on corners.

Love the aesthetics. Movement is smooth (until I catch a corner of a tombstone.)