Reviews for "WrongKynd"


I really like the idea of the game and its gloomy atmosphere. Can't go wrong with a retro horror like game! This was a great time killer for me. A downside I noticed is that its pretty hard to eat the humans because you can end up stomping on them having you not be able to regain health. A small revision could fix that but I wouldn't make it too easy so the player could just fly through the whole game. Either way I had a nice time playing this game and I love the direction its going. Keep it up man :D

Stomping on humans makes it pretty hard to eat them and regain health, especially when the game has a fast pace.
Still a good game tho. No one can say no to retro horror.

Can't beat but it's cool uwu

Needed an epilepsy warning, and I found that getting caught on tombstones was kind of annoying at the start, but otherwise a good time-killer, and a very nice, simple game.