Reviews for "WrongKynd"

I passed only the 1st level, i'd say this is a really hard game. The secret is to swallow the attackers but overall a pretty nice game, looks like something came out of Atari 2600.

Atmosphere is great, difficulty is great, no save system is bad D:

I never liked dogs anyway

I really love the atmosphere created by the art, but the game itself is no fun. The screen constantly flashes red from attacks, it is easy to get stuck on buildings and I have no idea whether I am able to do anything against enemies such as the dogs (hard to tell because of the screen flashing).

Keep up making games, there are not many people as good as you in creating an atmosphere. All you need to do now is stay experimenting to learn how to make it fun as well.

Like the idea, love the art but the gameplay is lacking.

Make it easier to navigate around the stuff on the map, it's very laggy for some reason(at times) think it might be the dogs, its very hard to control if you want to eat people or stomp them.

Nice epilepsy.
Maybe in your next game a 9 foot tall demon that's 3 times as tall as a fucking tree