Reviews for "Tricky Cow"

omfg, the medals is too many freaking annoying too much

Another great game in the "Tricky" series! I love the new gameplay elements, like the time block and jump block. These games are always fun to play; keep working on them!

Level 11 is that one level. "Eleven" kind of rhymes with "level". Well, it's spelled the same way. The music's great. I really was impressed at how creative this was. I mean, it's no easy game.

Who would have thought a game about jumping cows would be so much fun? It's a great puzzle game. I always have to time everything. It's so fast paced. Again, complicated for a cow game.

Let's just skip past the burning questions like, "how did this cow end up in this world of strange blocks?" and "since when can cows jump this high?" and instead focus on the important things like how darn addictive and mind-manglingly fun ‚Äčthis game is (also, if a cow can jump over the moon it can certainly jump over a few measly blocks).

OK, so the premise is super simple. You play as a cow, and you have to land on every block in a level to complete it. But, there's a teensy twist in the tail. Some blocks fire projectiles at ya. Some blocks have spikes ready to stick ya every other jump you make. Some blocks have to be stood on for a certain amount of time before you can jump off and count them as stood on. And sometimes you're going to do things in the wrong order or take a spike up the bum. You just gotta move on and try again!

This is 40 levels of pure brainteasing, platforming fun and I'd certainly recommend it to anyone looking to pass some time jumping around one screen levels as a bovine.

(I had an issue with this game not loading in my browser so I played it through the GameJolt app which apparently means there's no sound. At first I thought it was an issue with the game itself but after having other issues with the GJ app I've deduced that the fault lies at their feet and not the game! Just a side note!)

Anywho, get stuck in everyone, and keep up the awesome work Mr. Nannings! =)


im saying this before i play

this looks fun