Reviews for "Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest!"

Really good flash

THis is one of my favorites! (probobly!)

I beat it, and found an EASTER EGG!!!

First of all, the last boss "Death Adder", was very hard at first, but once I played through and found weaknesses, he was easy, so easy in fact, that I didn't even eat the turkey! ;) And the easter egg I was talkin about, when you get the dragon, hit the eagle's eye with your stick a few times, and if you hit it enough, you will get transported into a Duck Hunt game where you have to shoot Domo. Oh yeah, and after you beat the game you get a Golden Stick that shoots fire when you swing it!

Good but difficult.

I wasted all of my lives on the first part because Domo-kun was so freaking slow.

Everything else was really cool, though.

This Game Rules

It' was pretty difficult near the end but it was so fun playing as Dom-Kun and smashing those power puff girls.

Too many games to list...

Talk about nostalaga... Duck hunt was fun to find. Robo cop, invader zim, altered beast, street fighter, Mega man on and on.... can't remember the name of the game with the flying possum in it, but i played that. And the game that the theives and bird were from... played it, just can't remember the name. Well anyways, awsome job, brought back a lot of memories. And I loved killing those stupid power puff girls