Reviews for "Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest!"

this is too hard

i spent twenty minutes and gave up on the 1st match..

make things easier.. and stuff

good way to kiil an hour

good story line, funcharacters, good game

reminds me of some of the good old first natindo

yea some of the games seem very familiar to my old natindo the first one and my old gameboy... it make me miss thiem and remindied me on fow much fun thoughs games were awsome game man or girl

made me hate the powerpuff girls even more!

I was never a fan of the PPG, but playing this great game and that extremely difficult last stage made me hate them even more!

Loved the game, really brought me back to the good old days with those game characters. The easter egg of duck hunt was a good touch and so was turning the ogres into chickens.

Really great stuff! Too difficult tho, but great! looking forward to more of your work! GOD BLESS!


That was so cool, you shud do more Domo-Kun games, it's one of my fav games ever(on computor that is)