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Reviews for "Pyrolysis (Original Mix)"

This song is one of my favorite songs! The vocals are used so well, the build-ups and drops are both smexy, and I love everything about this song! You go Kaixo!

Soo. This song is good. Curbi like good. Love the synths, first drop makes me nut as a fan of Curbi.
This reminds me of Curbi's style, really. Mastering is just quality, second drop is not as good as first but good too. Pretty much a good song. <3

I like the dark mood at the beginning. The synths are pretty cool and have a good amount of reverb. The melody at :23 is super catchy too. I like the injection of energy at :53. Has a good sense of climax into 1:08. I like the drop. It was a little minimalistic, but the reverb helped fill in the texture. The melody at 1:38 is really enjoyable too. Very smooth-flowing piece here. I think I would’ve liked some sort of structural relief by around the 2-minute mark instead of hearing another drop. The laughing vocal samples also got a little repetitive at about that point. Good use of atmosphere at 2:38. Once again, engaging and catchy melody at 3:08. You have several different melodies in this piece, which would usually be problematic coherence-wise, but seem to function well in their respective niches here. The piece is a tad long, but keeps me engaged throughout. The ending was also pretty creative. Overall solid work! Keep it up, dude. ;)


KaixoMusic responds:

Thanks!! I really enjoy making several melodies in one song, so you can expect to hear more of that in the future. As for the longness of the song, I really enjoy working on a song very long because starting a new one usually takes a long time, that's why there are a lot of elements and different parts. And about the second drop, yeah I think that's a little to much too. Thanks for the 9 :D

Cool house combos (agreeing with zelegon)
In a buildup, there's this clinking sound, doesn't really go with the mix, but otherwise, EPIC SONG 5/5

KaixoMusic responds:

Thanks! You mean the arp?

I like it! It's definitely my type of music. Some parts, however, like at ~2:10, I don't like as much, but it's still a great song. I could listen to it all day :)