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Reviews for "Pyrolysis (Original Mix)"

I like the spookyness (?) in the beginning, and the beat afterwards

demon gauntlet..? remember?

I don't know why I love this so much. When I first heard it in the gd level extinction I didn't think much of it because the beat drop seemed slightly disappointing but not bad. However after listening to the whole thing I love this music so much.
1:37 Beat drop is 20 times more amazing than the first. It sounds super unique and I listened to it like over 10 times and it sounds great.
2:08 Is like the first beat drop but slightly less in it but still good.
3:22 Is one of my favourite parts because idk it just sounds amazing.
3:37 My favourite part literally the only slight negative thing I can possibly think of is that weird "uhr" sounding thing in the background that happens in all the other beat drops is for some reason removed in this part and idk why I like that "uhr" sounding thing it just adds something idk.
Probably the longest review im ever gonna make lol


Good song.