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Reviews for "Knightin'+ Demo"

i really enjoy this game so far, the controls feel a tad bit clunky, but other than that, its a great little game, keep it up man!

Nice game. Like the twinkle tunes too, they go well with the curious Sir Lootalot's inquisitive nature!

Wolod responds:

I totally agree ;)

It's like i know this knight from somewhere.Not sure where tho.

Wolod responds:

From original Knightin' maybe? ;)

Not bad game, i don't have any complaints about it to be honest.

Wolod responds:

Thank you.

This is definitely one of the best, most polished games I've played on Newgrounds this week. It's a Zelda-like dungeon crawler and possibly a rogue-lite. I dunno cause I haven't played long enough to die. But I'm a sucker for this type of game regardless. You've got a buy from me as well as a vote for best of July, as I am on the private voting panel.

Edit: Don't worry, it's fine for me to disclose that. It says "Success! Here are your choices. Print screen and show your friends!" when you finish voting. So for site policy reasons, we're friends now. https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/0fdf1f53db66d6e34b69ee6eb1580e37

I don't usually give 5/5, but I didn't notice any glaring flaws with the game while I was playing, and I kind of bored myself out of it when I brute-forced almost 2,000 solutions (0110... = 1024+512+...) for the switch puzzle on floor 2 or 3. There's 4,096 possible combinations and I optimized my route so it took about half an hour to do.

Anyways, when I buy it on steam and play it, I'll be sure to give a far more thorough and detailed review there.

Wolod responds:

Thanks for the cool review! It's not a rogue-lite. No procedural generation or permadeath. At the moment at least. Standing next to the SexualLobster is an honor. Can't wait to read your detailed review on steam!