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Reviews for "Knightin'+ Demo"

I only wish that I had the option to go full screen. Otherwise, it's a really solid game.

Wolod responds:

I'd suggest you to look for it in options menu.

this grweat game

Wolod responds:

oh my thanks a lot

Nice game, a classic never dies. but it's sort of bland. I wish you could interact with the environment to keep the player engaged through finding the answers to the puzzles and stuff, still a very decent game.

Wolod responds:

Well, it's a first zelda-like game that I ever tried to make. So I didn't want to risk spoiling the classic mechanics. But now, after I've got a hang of it, I'm ready for some innovations in the possible sequel. Thanks for playing!

When I died the screen turned black, pressing buttons did not fix this. When I refreshed the page my savedata was gone. I'm using Chrome & the music was still playing, if that helps.

The art looks nice, especially the animations and glowing stuff. There could be more going on on the screen though.

However, while the game is combat- and exploration-driven, their implementations offer little satisfaction to me. The moment I killed my first enemies I already felt like I had mastered the combat, given its simple controls and enemies.
The same applies to the exploration, whose main appeal lies in puzzles that are quickly solved using only your memory. Not that they should be more complicated, but they don't even make me feel smart.

Regardless, the design choices seem to complement a more laid back experience quite well, though I can't say for sure given that I'm just not into that. Besides the crash there was little that downright annoyed or bored me, it just wasn't memorable or enjoyable enough to play more.

Wolod responds:

I'm sorry that you stumbled into such an annoying issue.

I've received ton of very useful feedback since the release. Sequel, if I decide to make one, will be much more entertaining.

Really solid game here! Cuts right to the chase instead of dealing with boring story, and all of the elements (sound, music, graphics, gameplay, etc) seem to be good all-around. Was very impressed at the inventive puzzles that the game has; had some great 'eureka' moments with them, and it really sets it apart from what could just be a typical zelda-clone. Could maybe use a little more pizzaz for the combat, but I'm hopeful enough that it does build up as you get powers and new enemies in the other dungeons.

Wolod responds:

Thank you for the kind words! I hope so too :D