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Reviews for "Knightin'+ Demo"

get rupees spend rupees <loop>

Wolod responds:

our life is a similar loop itself

this game is perfect other than the controls

Wolod responds:

Thanks for playing!

A great little homage to top-down Zelda titles. Unfortunately, my brain kept comparing it to Enter the Gungeon as I played it, and that's just not a fair comparison.

Graphics are great, especially the 16-bit use of color, though the music sounded more 8-bit, and the sound effects were minimalistic to the point of being kinda dull.

What I played of the combat was basic, but rudimentary. I kept wanting to dash or dodgeroll or hold down run, and that's just not the way oldschool Zelda is played. This is where the comparison to Gungeon wasn't doing the game any favors.

When I accidentally went downstairs from floor 2 to floor 3, that's when I suddenly realized the map layout was completely random. So. If you want procedural Zelda, here it is. Enjoy!

Me? I've got a Rat that needs punching.

Edit: If there's no procedural generation, then you need some more classic Zelda dunegon design with a boss before you can go to the next level and a locked door before the boss that can only be opened by exploring the dungeon proper. I skipped most of level 2 somehow, without intending to, and that's a problem.

Check out Game Maker's Toolkit's awesome Boss Keys series for not only length breakdowns of what makes a good Zelda dunegon, but a system of taxonomy for describing what makes a dungeon wide or deep, the relationship between keys, doors, and key items, and a wealth of other information that could help prevent the problem where a player accidentally skips your hand-made dungeon as if it were a Rogue run where the Talisman was in the very first chest.

Wolod responds:

Thanks for the great review!

But there is no procedural generation in Knightin'+ o_O

Don't look at me , it's EASY 0 DEATH

Wolod responds:


nice game, awesome :D

Wolod responds:

thanks a lot :D