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Reviews for "The Last AntLion"

It's okay.

velketor responds:

Thank you for playing Sebine!

I'm sorry to hear you found the game to be less than fun. Please let me know how I could have made it better. I take feedback from my players seriously! =) Thank you.

A nice, simple arena side-scroller with a decent amount of upgrades and some amusing character designs.

I loved the high-pitched ant speech. I was less thrilled about the ASMR- that's Ants Scurrying in my Malleus Repeatedly, AKA the walking noises.

The music was forgettable, and the actual art style, I could take or leave. (The pixel art feels very "busy" in a way I couldn't quite put my finger on. Too many colors or competing pixel resolutions or something. And the back walls look somehow "blury.") But the ant designs and the gameplay carried it.

Recommend everybody and their aunts play this. It's a great way to kill an afternoon.

And, this. THIS is how you get antlions!

velketor responds:

Thank you for playing WarpZone!

I'm happy to see that you liked the way the ants talk, and maybe I could have chosen a better, less ASMR/annoying noise for the ants. There's always the sequel =)

It's disappointing to hear that you found the music 'forgettable' as it was created by two talented composers. I'm actually quite addicted to the music and I find it fits perfectly, but I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. You definitely won't find the tracks from my game anywhere else because I had them custom made by professionals.

The pixel art for the characters was made by a professional Pixel Artist I hired for the project, Bruno Corgo (https://twitter.com/bruno_corgo) and the rest was done by me or using various assets from opengameart.org.

I appreciate your constructive feedback and I'm glad it was able to kill an afternoon for you =)

I lI love the art, story & music, together they really makes you feel like an important part of a weird world.

Regarding gameplay, there was not much reason to move instead of waiting in a corner, which is a shame because once I forced myself to keep moving the game became a lot more fun (especially since the weird jump allows for some interesting timing, given that you have a slightly higher movement speed in the air and you jump less high when shooting arrows). Same for the roar, it is so powerful that using it is boring. Just because some enemies are immune to it does not make it interesting, since there is only one enemy type per wave until the last one you can easily abuse it. Speaking of the last wave, it has so many enemy types that its chaos forms a huge difficulty spike. Whereas the other waves do not provide enough variation per wave to keep the game interesting enough to replay it, especially in the earlier waves where enemies can only run & punch even though you are faster and ranged.

The bosses also have more health than is fun, and the knights only dying from bombs is very confusing even though it fits the cruel queen. Controls were awkward, so it is a shame that I only read that there were alternative controls in the author comments after playing.

I'll be looking forward to your next game though, because while I may be ranting the charms of this game stand out.

velketor responds:

Thank you for playing GreetingsGames! I truly appreciate your constructive feedback and I too agree with many of the critiques you pointed out. I struggled a lot with trying to prevent the player from simply standing in the corner. It doesn't work on all waves and it certainly doesn't work against the Pharaoh Ant, The Dinosaur Ant, or the Queen Ant. I thought about putting a trap there or even having the statues attack you if you stood still near them for too long, but I felt like I was getting carried away and left it out of this version of the game.

As for Roar, it's definitely not balanced the way I had hoped. It's powerful, but it doesn't work against all of the ants. I was trying to make it both useful and not useful at the same time, with the intention to avoid players simply standing still and roaring their way through the game. I wanted it to be a very selective ability, but I may have restricted it too much.

The game was designed so that each wave is teaching you how to defeat a specific type of ant, with all of the 'learning' you did culminating into 1 final boss with where all of the ants, along with the Queen, fight you all at the same time. The difficulty could have been scaled better, but it's the best I could do at this stage in my ability to design well balanced games. It's a lot harder than I imagined and the comments have either been that it's perfect or that people hate it.

I've had the most comments about the Army Ants only being defeated with bombs being 'dumb', along with a slew of other negative comments, but that's to be expected in this industry. Gamers are the toughest of crowds and again I should have designed an alternate way to slay the Army Ants, even if it was just multiple hits with a regular arrow.

The controls were the best I could do as well. I tried to offer as many alternatives as possible, but in the end I should have just added a way for the user to define their own controls and I would have avoided all of the comments related to that issue.

In the sequel I will address all of these issues and make a much better game, thanks to constructive feedback from players like yourself. I'm glad you liked it, regardless of the negative aspects that were frustrating and boring. I spent 7 months making the game and it's nice to hear honest reflection. Thank you.

Fun game with smooth controls and a fun variety of enemies. It's a little light on the explanations - I still don't know what Roaring does, and I only managed to kill army ants with bombs - but I beat the game and had enjoyed doing so.

velketor responds:

Thank you for playing Darsh! I'm impressed you beat the Queen! Not many players can pull that off. Roaring will stun enemies for 3 seconds in the radius of the roar. It doesn't work on Fire Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Adult Dinosaur Ants, Army Ants or the Queen.

You are correct, Army Ants can only be killed with bombs. I know, cruel, but that's all part of the Queen's game. It's designed to be unfair so the AntLion will lose most of the time. As many players have experienced, this game is challenging and requires multiple play through's to beat it. I'm so happy you enjoyed the game =)

A pretty cool game, I died against the queen, but she's clearly killable, I've made a mistake during the fight (I wasn't even out of potions).

velketor responds:

Thank you for playing Keritos! That's awesome that you made it to the Queen! She is tough, but you can do it!!! Give it another try =) It's a game of learning, so I'm sure you've figured out what you can do to defeat her this time.