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Reviews for "Airpod Meets Girlfriends Dad"

Was them being earphones having literally no relevance to anything at all part of the joke? Because if it was, it didn't really land.

Overall, I feel like this was just a wasted premise.

Hardly any animation besides mouth movement.. coupled with the fact that the airpod theme has literally no tie-in with the story, it just comes off as super lazy design choice.

The voice acting was solid! Everyone complemented their characters well. However, the script they had is meh and had no real substance beyond the immediate situation and context. One dynamic of the writing that I really liked was the daughter's relationship with her father. That aspect was kind of the thing that kept me watching.

I didn't really get the point. the headphone theme had nothing to do with anything and the meeting the parents situation was barely more relevant. It seems like you just wanted to yell for 5 minutes.

The soft-serve thing was kinda funny but I didn't laugh at any part.

Really liked this one, and yeah that cat *did* really need to pee.

Wow that was UNGODLY awkward to sit through