Reviews for "The bad day of Mario"

lol, okay so it is a good movie

Guys, just watch the film. It is funny but judge on bad animation. Judge because at least effort was made.


It's an ok movie, got a cheap laff.
btw, can u email me some sprites and sfx (from any game), I don't hav that many sprites (except for yoshi, have about 300 >.<)

This was good stuff

Well made.


This amde me laugh. I found it funny when Mario fell in the ground and then he jumped back out before he got squashed and then he was chasing after Luigi, his brother and then he trapped Mario in the castle and Mario jumped through the wall to ger out and then he and Luigi began to fight and then he fell in the ground and Mario covered the hole and Luigi was trapped so he couldn't jump out and he got squashed. I was like, "Oh no, Mario killed his brother".


taht was the best in the east or west im sayn this is the illa thirrla