Reviews for "Deathwing"


As a big WoW nut, I approve of this picture * thumbs up*

Its kinda got a cartoony / caricature look about it, which I think is a good spin on the subject, wether or not you intended for this to happen I dont know because its not totally obvious, but that aside it looks great :D


8 becuz this is a copy of wow cataclysm dragon


.... Your rendition of Neltharion, the fallen Earth Warder, is nice, but it doesn't... capture his evil enough...

7's all I'm gonna give this, `cause you did pretty well with the linework, colors, and shading...

Nekow responds:

that's harsh

not rly original

i am only giving u a 5/10 cuz u copied this from wow cataclysm but its still original

Nekow responds:

This didn't make any sense..... thank you for the very constructive criticism