Reviews for "Deathwing"


People underestimate the work it takes to do these (see 2 reviews down) I, however, know the talent and determination it requires to make such great works of art (I've looked at your other stuff) and gladly pass you a 10.


Unlike the guy below me, I am not so refined and cultured. As such, I fail to see the numerous flaws I'm sure he can, and I must offer you a 10. Great work, looks awesome.


.... Your rendition of Neltharion, the fallen Earth Warder, is nice, but it doesn't... capture his evil enough...

7's all I'm gonna give this, `cause you did pretty well with the linework, colors, and shading...

Nekow responds:

that's harsh

This rocks.

Akantor from Monster Hunter?? Or maybe Gutts from Berserk? hahaha its like mixing them up, if you know what i mean. Pretty good, the forehead seems a little displaced, though.


It's on the way for the top wow fan art