Reviews for "Officer Rachel"

(obviously steals something) Oh Hi Lady officer! yeah I just stole this thing... wanna fuck?

If that's how female officers deal with criminals, I'd gladly turn myself in!

The Dead or Alive game series is one of the most memorable and fun fighting series I have ever played; and with that also comes the gorgeous heroines and villainesses that appear on it. Rachel is an all-around hottie, and boy, am I ever glad to see amazing films like this one about her.

The voice acting is wonderful. Rachel's moans and lines are perfectly recited, and they capture a very intimate and sexy feel. Her laugh at the end is just marvelous; it really fits Rachel's character, and has the ability to bewitch the audience.

The animation itself is simply amazing. Rachel looks stunning, and her actions are very fluid and well made. The skin textures look devilishly good, and the lightning helps to create a lustful atmosphere. Rachel's facial animation and expressions are delightful; it looks like a true videogame cinematic.

Last but not least, the different camera angles capture all of the animation's important details, and I really liked the POV shot of Rachel riding the guy. It's just so good.

Ultimately, everything about this movie is top-notch. Rachel has never looked as good and hot; and if a sequel should ever be made, I'm sure it will only be an inprovement. Congrats Redmoa!

officer...I think I've been very bad....

I'll be honest... I was hoping there would be more to this. But this definitely is... something... It at least caught my interest to see where this goes. I sorta wanna see some criminals catch this officer and teach her a "lesson" since she so clearly wants some.

This turned me on so hard make more of this please