Reviews for "Officer Rachel"

Love this animation style, the movement is nice and smooth and the ass is nice, plump and jiggely, just how i like it, keep up the amazing work

Why do you allways hide the faces of the male charecters in your videos?

Redmoa responds:

Don't see a point in showing the male face in these.

It's a bit homosexual but i like it

The models look quite good, but there's a couple of problems there at a glance.

You can see her legs pulling apart from her body each time she moves.
Her butt has been made so unnaturally and unprofessionally large that it has jagged edges a man could cut himself on.
She seems to have a seam running down her chest, like you could unzip her, open her up and wear her like a coat in winter.

Outside of those, however, there's a really good "glisten" effect on the flesh in certain areas, the facial expressions are awesome and seem to sink up pretty well. I think, the above issues aside, it's pretty great overall!

Sfm animations have always been hit or miss for me, but the your facial animations are fucking sublime! Keep up the goodwork Red!!!