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Reviews for "Settin' The Scene (The Mania MAP)"

great job everyone!

Pretty fun collab overall, nice work. Many of the animators did a very good job and were pretty creative with their segments. I removed half a star because there were a few parts that weren't really that great, but honestly with these types of big collabs that's kinda an inevitability really. Good stuff overall, very solid collab all around. I'm glad that Sonic collabs on NG these days can be legitimately well-made like this.

I was waiting for that Tails cough in the credits.

This collab comes off as amazing and definitely recommended by me! Some of the animators’ animation styles were nice, and so were their art styles. The problem was, well, the problem is the song. It’s pretty mediocre and annoying. They could’ve just stuck with another classic song like Rise Against - Give It All. (which is one of my favorite songs!) Or maybe they just wanted to get to the latest trends. I don’t know exactly, I mean, I like most songs that were made before my time (Past-Around Early 2008) more than the songs nowadays. Why do I say this? Well you might not understand me but some musical genres from after I was born were quite lacking, especially rock and metal. But I’m getting off topic! So there’s no other problems with this Sonic collab besides the, again, mediocre song. It was an enjoyable collab, and totally more frontpage material than Cock Fight. I hope to see more of Sonic in the future of Newgrounds. Happy belated 28th birthday, Sonic The Hedgehog!


Now This is cool and respectful.