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Reviews for "Settin' The Scene (The Mania MAP)"

i love it so much

This was astonishing! Amazing job to all the animators involved, I can tell so much passion and love went into this, creating the spectacular final product. The music was also great and deserves so much recognition. It's always fun to see what a group of animators can achieve with so much care, love and talent. Congratulations to EVERYONE involved.

Seeing a video with a wide combination of different animation styles placed a smile on my face. Every single animator who participated in this should get a round of applause for the magical, colorful, and lovely work they've done. Thank you, for you have increased my love for animation, music, and Sonic. Congratulations to EVERYONE who worked on this. I cannot say thank you enough.

That was awesome. Congrats to all the artists for such amazing artwork.

Well done!