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Reviews for "Settin' The Scene (The Mania MAP)"

im in love with this. i always love seeing different animators animations all mixed together so perfectly in a video, like in this short. Love you sonic paradox

This is beautifull and great

N I C E !


It's just brilliant! Everyone's parts was so smooth and colorful and full of emotion! Everyone did an awesome job and it shows in the end product, which is just phenomenal. Back when I was a kid, I always had a deep love for anything Sonic and sonic related. It's not as deep anymore, but Sonic still holds a special place in my heart and when I saw this, I was stunned and at a loss for words. Never in my life did I think I'd live long enough to see one of my long time favorite franchises have something as amazing and beautiful as this. If younger me saw this now, she would be ecstatic over seeing something this. Thank you to all the individuals who've participated in the collab, whether you be an animator, additional support or the organizer, for adding such a wonderful production to the community.