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Reviews for "Pact with a Witch - Hentai VN (Demo)"

It's a great concept so far. Save system needs some work though, as half of the time, I was loading into a scene without any text boxes and no way to advance them. I'm very much looking forward to more though!

A great story, one of my favorite games I've played on the site. Final Version ASAP please

Fantastic! Can't wait for the rest of this! The story is compelling, and Neus is well written. You have earned a follow!

I made the hilarious mistake of naming the protagonist Keanu Reeves and now I can't take any of it seriously, good game other than me being a monkey about it though...OOOOF I killed him, mission failed we'll get em next time

completely addicted, love neus but really dont like didac. not because of the whole guy to girl thing more so because of the serious muscle that girl is packing.
but! in my opinion! i feel like there should be a way to focus on one girl instead of " playing the field" if someone likes neus and just wants to pursue her they cant because didac feels like an essential " score " and to make her mad would have lasting consequences. and the blonde in the picture i have no idea why she is there other than to make me feel like a total jackass. now the good is MOST of the characters seem to be fleshed out so to speak ( other than the blonde) didac needs to chill and neus? mmm just out of the park job with her seriously keep it up, if you have a patreon id happliy help out.