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Reviews for "Tammy my Love"

good work!

This was beautifulšŸ˜€

If there wern't subtitles i'd say i didn't get a word of it. But i LOVE IT! great animation style, the voice acting, the backgrounds just everything about it was perfect! looking forward to see more like this great job! can't be said enough

Wow, I am legit impressed by this. The animation is smooth, the voice acting is clear (didn't expect it to be Hebrew though), the plot is consistent as well as funny and the characters all had their unique traits (in more than one way if you ask me...). This is something I'd expect from a big studio like Disney or Dreamworks, but the fact that an independent creator made this from scratch AND by hand is really good.

Definitely deserves to be frontpaged. Cheers!

what the fuck i listening to