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Reviews for "Tammy my Love"

We need more of that

Go away and get paid already. Please.

This made my brain hurt with emotion. It was a little like a roller coaster ride with some action and feels.

It's odd, the style, it seems so familiar. I'd say I think it seems to be more like Warner Bros, but I wouldn't say completely. Maybe a little better.
The songs they sing throughout the video is wonderful, very wonderful .-.
A little like Disney, I thought.

The coming ending came through nicely. Had my feelings getting prepped up for the finale and it is fantastic. The animations you make makes me believe that they're broadcasted on television. (Are they?)
Thank you for the time and work you put into your creations.

Also, I've noticed you've added some of the characters of your past work. It was a bit of a joy for me to see them there .-.

BagamCadet responds:

Ha! so nice that you noticed the older characters hehe...

These animations aren't broadcasted on television but I do currently work full time as an animator in a studio that makes children TV shows.

This was very creepy but it was well animated.

I love this 😍😍 and I also love how you animated this i was wondering how you learned how to animate like that, but still you did such a good job on this!

BagamCadet responds:

I learned through doing loads and loads of pencil tests. I also learned from reading the "Animator's survival kit".

If you are interested in learning animation, I have an online course: