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Reviews for "Tammy my Love"

Aaaw!! That's so cute! <3

Outstanding animation, voicing, music, syncing. Looks very professional!

Though I'm feeling a bit lost: why did she continue to live with someone she really neglects? Lack of self-esteem and temporary lack of other options? Ron represents her husband? Her brother? Her father? Recent unwilling guest? Ron is obviously non-empathic and can't feel other's emotions, so what is the Tammy's motivation behind continuing to be unhappy?

BagamCadet responds:

That's a problem I never really solved in the script. But after about 16 script revisions I just went on with it hehe..
I learned that it's best to hire a professional writer for my future works.

Bah! hahaha so funny

brilliant... first thing that comes to mind when i finished this

This reminds me of the Aristocats animation style. I love it!