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Reviews for "Tammy my Love"

Amazing! Congrats :)

A great movie, with a serious social concept behind the comic surface.

Hey, that was really fun! Really fitting voice acting, and phenomenal animation. Really lively, loved all the wacky expressions. A favorite would have to be when the cake fell off Tammy's face and she had cherries instead of irises. The songs were also really nice, especially coupled with the movements. The story and characters were fun but a little tropey. That's fine though, it was good fun. Well executed. However, it really seemed in the beginning like she hated Ron. The whole her actually liking him thing came out of nowhere and was pretty predictable. The singing I think was a bit quieter than the music track at some points, too, but I was listening to this at pretty low volume, so I'm not sure. Otherwi
Keep it up, you have a ton of potential and this was really fun. Like I said, the story isn't groundbreaking, but the whole thing is still entertaining in a major way and maybe if you had focused on Tammy's character a bit more it could have had a really nice story to boot.

Poor Tammy, caught all in the middle of it...