Reviews for "Black Asylum"

Needs orbs.

If you want to play something nice (and short) this game is for you, it has puzzles that shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to complete, it's fun to play and gives you enough clues about what you have to do so you won't have problems to clear it.

Reminds me of the escape games I played as a kid on this site

Pretty simple and short. I did have a problem with it kinda being a pixel hunt at times since a lot of the interactables don't pop, but I suppose some people do like that part of the search, so I can't complain too much. Puzzles were alright and did make me feel a little clever for getting them.

This is something I've already seen back in 2012, I guess... At least it looks just as I remember: the doors with locks of different colour, the map and the setting. The decorations are different though. Quite easy, but not too easy, so the difficulty is just right. The word on the wall should be graphically milder. B mark
The C-E-F part of the map needs links, and the D-E doesn't (or maybe it's intentional, dunno 0v0).