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Lots of fun. Kind of reminds me of Rampage, altough the games are completely different. Only problem is that I ran into a bug. After I died and started again the game was seemingly playing the same track twice

The music kinda goes whack if you lose and restart, where it overlaps? Other than that it's a pretty fun game. Maybe some different kinds of buildings or different regions? Because now each level looks the same. I love the title though, as that is what got me to click on this.

I mean for a back and forth game where you have to strategically speed up and slow down, and then as the game goes on...it throws new enemies and has original music...

something just seems missing though, I think maybe a great background parallax effect of a city for each stage...and then as you go on, the background city gets more and more destroyed would've added a lot of flair to the project!

but it's fun, cute, comedic, and short.

I always can recommend more NG achievements. gives players, incentives man.
think about the PLAYER not the GAME!

5pike responds:

That's a good idea! I think I might do that next time. Thank you!

Guess it looks okay.

I used mines as a speed boost lol