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Reviews for "Fire Bird"

I didn't get any of the achievements even after completing the requirements for them. I would have to agree with some of the sentiments made already regarding the time expected to play for some of the achievements. I do not think that the game should artificially pad timing especially when the player could do a seemingly infinite run. I personally do not mind the 2000 point one as much but the player would clearly get bored at a certain point. I think you are better off making the game serve a quick moment of mindless fun rather and push the player to sour the experience by extending play time.

EdThePro101 responds:

Thank you!!! The medals are unlocked on the game over scene.. Before, they were unlocked during game play. - I have fixed the unlocking issue

However, I am learning, and will be releasing another game soon.

I understand that the medals are a little weird, and I am thinking about removing the "Get 2000 points" and "Play for 2 hours" medals.... I have seen previous games that had those medals, and thought it would be nice to see who can stay alive the longest.

I have been listening to feedback, and I appreciate it! Thanks!!!

i dont understand why authors think medals like 2000 points or 2 hours like this are a good idea? Sure if there was a score multiplier or something like that it would be attainable but its just too much of a grind for a game with such little content to keep the player engaged. Plus a couple medals are 0 points idk if that was intentional or not.
-i finally got the 2k medal thanks to neonspiders post.

EdThePro101 responds:

Thank you so much for the feedback!
I will add some levels and more objects that give a higher score.
I will also fix the issue with the medals. I did not see that...

This is actually all right. Nothing original, but decent fun. Just work on making it prettier and you'll have a good game.

EdThePro101 responds:

Thank you so much! I will!

1. The game clock is definitely wrong. I am barely playing it for 10 minutes and it already gave me the medals for playing for 15 minutes and even an hour;
2. At the moment when the medal pops up the game lags extremely.


As for the issue mentioned by @blyndid - medals are worth 0 points as long as they haven't been tested. You need to earn them by yourself, meaning play the game for 2 hours and get 2000 points to unlock them and make them show their real points value.


The time medals would not be such a pain if the game was actually saving and remembering the time you spent playing it.

EdThePro101 responds:

I have fixed the issue! Thank you so much for telling me!