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Reviews for "'Sweaty Season'"

your art is always great! Thanks for joinin the collab

Butzbo responds:

Thanks for the invite!, glad to have joined in time :)

Very colorful

Wow I have to say this was a delughtful piece here with all the color and characters kind of reminds me a bit of sponge bob type characters but it also has its own twist as well, you are greatly talented, you have captured something positive with this piece, the talent shows and the flashes with passion so your desire is strong here and you bring lots of energy into it so nice job indeed here.

Ad maybe a crazy border or frame with some color so its like a fancy gallery piece.


Great stuff, and something I've never really considered before.
I did notice a small party foul, though. You have a Tangy Mustard ornament, but no Sublo.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Noodge! Oohh well you got me there!! I didn't want to oversaturate the tree, but now that you mention it I could fit a few more.

It must be pretty Chile outside then. 5/5


10 stars!