Reviews for "Powerless"

Absolutely smashing. Can't wait for more. Great work.

I LOVE this game. However, it is quite broken. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not able to change the tax rates? I click the button but it stays on 10% (Except for like the first three resources that show up) So even when I take the kingdom that produces gemstones, I'm unable to really get the right amount to unlock those new spicy scenes until like day 5000000 or whatever other big numbers there are because I only get like maybe .1 gemstone a day. I actually really like this though! Great animations!

scolexxx responds:

Oh! Thank you for the bug report. I did not know about that one!

Keep going with this, love the art style to

I think this could turn into one of the best games on newgrounds

Ive been waitin on this for so long and now its better than what I thought!!