Reviews for "Powerless"

The Resource system is fuck. I am stuck at 655 wood even though I am producing a net 500 or so and I was stockpiling gems and they wiped out before 100 on a turn I didn't buy anything.

How do you save? or is that not implemented yet?

I'm so excited that you've finally made some serious progress! Few suggestions:

1. Narrow your scope. You've got a city management sex game with a million stats to manage. As you progress through development, focus the game mechanics reflect the sex and sex mechanics, not the city management, and it'll be easier to develop. Also gives you more time to make the actual fun stuff like sex scenes and interactions.

2. Remove the camera shake and reduce the opacity of the vignette during the sex scenes. They scenes are too dark and I understand the artistic intent, but I'm interested in actually seeing it.

3. The scenes are too short, and the third heart mechanic sucks. Maybe clicking all the time should improve her pleasure, but the third heart does it most? Otherwise I'm stuck staring at a 3rd heart and ignoring the sex scene--I don't think that's the intention.

4. If this is made with AS3, I'd recommend releasing an AIR version with GPU-acceleration just so that you have a version of the game out there that performs it's best. I have an i9 and a 4k display, this thing chugs even at 1080p.

I know this is all early stuff, everything here is high quality and awesome. Can't wait to see more!

scolexxx responds:

Thank you! Those are useful criticisms. Unfortunately this is coded in AS2 (I don't know AS3) but I am working on other ways to improve performance

If you add good sound effects that's could be very good !

scolexxx responds:

Planning on it!

Great plot! Can't wait for more updates, this game has so much potential

scolexxx responds:

Thank you!