Reviews for "Powerless"

Pretty solid work in this project, with some nice sex scenes to enjoy.
I look forward to seeing more of this game as it develops!

Howdy. So your scene learning thing seems broken for me. I have the gems, but my character says she doesn't. and then at some point 100 gems vanish. less than fun. I'm quite interested in seeing if the scenes are a bit easier to see in the learning section, cause it's more than a little eye strainy in the rally event. Only time I can access the learning thing is in dev mode, but they're already all unlocked, so I can't view them again.

Otherwise I enjoy it. Regardless of what some people are saying, I like that it's a resource management thing that at least appears complex. Problem is it sort of isn't, from a players perspective. In it's current state it's just easy to conquer, at least if you sit down and look at it. I'm sure there's all sorts of tweaking that I'm just not doing that could fill that hole, but you just make sure you aren't negatively consuming anything, and just pass turns till you have enough. Anything you can't make you can buy. Or of course conquer things, which is the only non-idle game use of resources. But it's much easier and more pleasant to just pass turns. Eventually the dam will break and your military number will just beat the other military numbers.

Something to note, is that your porn minigame requires the player to... not look at the porn. Which is counterproductive. It's a common enough thing that porn games do, but it never fails to annoy.

I'm sure my complaints are just a product of the early development. It's otherwise quite neat, and I appreciate the obvious amount of work that has gone into it. I often enjoy the strangely complex mechanics that only seem to appear in either porn games or ascii games. Don't let anyone harsh your mellow on the mechanics end, just make the information easy to digest, and it'll be great.

The game has amazing potential but there are a few things that need to be adjusted.

The game menus need some work. Try using logos instead of names to describe resources for example.
The resource management system should be simpler. A clear stats page with broken down information about provinces.
The continue button should be more forgiving. It feels like I'm trying to head shot in a shooter game.
A save system would be nice to manage progress and multiple saves if possible.

These are some of my suggestions. Keep up the work!

I don't see any reason to make this a resource management game. I was so bogged down with text, I forgot this was supposed to be a porn game.

great game! waiting for new updates ^^