Reviews for "Powerless"

truly a great game in the making. i love the character design and i hope to see this game reach its full potential. just a few ideas for any future updates:
1. maybe add more races for the princess to meet instead of just minotaurs everywhere.
2. the different territories have their own cities to explore.
3. add a way to take over a territory without invading?
4. to do deeper into the character customization like skin tone or maybe bust size or other features.

honestly, everything else is great and i hope this game will flourish. awesome job scolexxx!!!

its amazing, probably would be my favorite game if the tax mechanics work on things besides grain and wood. also invading lands is too easy and i had 102 gemstones and it still didn't let me a new move (i only had the starting ones)

This has such a good start that I believe you should keep the snowball rolling, scolexxx =)
The animations are fantastic. Each character has personality! Even the gameplay itself was quite interesting and I did want to learn the system once I knew there was amazing benefits to doing so. I truly believe this game has great potential, as countless others have commented, and I would love to see many more updates for this game :D
Losing a battle and having animations for such would be absolutely killer, if you are not already planning on creating plans for such ^_^

Thank you for this gift to the world <3

Long time no see since first customizing demonstrations and here is an another very promising demo.

I thought the project was long dead. What a nice surprise to know that I am finally wrong ;]

How do you go back into the castle if you are in the map?