Reviews for "Powerless"

I'm stuck on "You may choose a territory to learn more about"

When you go visit Nyla it seems like it removes 100 gems before it checks that you have 100. I went to her with about 117 and she said I needed 100 and that i didn't have them, but when I looked again I only had 17. But when I went with more than 200 it subtracted 100 and everything worked fine.

Otherwise it seems like a very interesting game.

its a liittle better optimized then the last game but its still pretty bad. the first swing i took at this it didnt even seem worth a look at since if you miss some tutorial thing you have no idea how the "gameplay" if you can call it that works. i thought there might even be something in the description but no

pretty basic with really good art
please add skin tones
is there a way to give birth without pressing delete

Dude, we just want smut to fuck the hot elf slut with human cock, Tauren dudes is a turn off too. The city management on top of this is just to much of a hassle.