Reviews for "Powerless"

I'm loving the progress so far.
The game is a bit tedious with the resource management, but the art style and potential are great. Really looking forward to this one.
I've come across two issues:
***Nyla the Oracle will take 100lbs of Gems but nothing happens. I get the, "Not enough gems" dialogue and no new positions are unlocked, despite the gems being taken
***Nyla the Oracle doesn't teach or introduce the sex/ hearts mechanic. Is there a scene where she explains the "Click the Third Heart" mechanic?

I click on start, it brings up the map, I Click on things, and nothing happens. Nothing happens when I click on anything. I don't know why but every time I click start and it shows the map, I can't progress or do anything other then watch the clouds zoom by

This is outrageously polished, especially for an Alpha build! the only complaint i have is that it doesn't have more... *ahem* content. the movement is perfect and fluid, the animations shine with polish, and character options are great!

Pretty good, but ive encountered a bug where i have 100lbs of gems and want to talk to Nyla only to say i dont have eneugh and removing said 100lbs of gems from my stats.

It's looking great. I am just wondering if there will be an option to trim that bush.