Reviews for "Famous Paintings Parodies 11"

I got every medal! This was mostly because I was disappointed in myself for lying about missing a day of work. Okay, that's too personal. I did love this as always. I didn't see how an engraving was that different than a painting. I think it's just semantics.

Some of the medals don't match the game descriptions. It was "The Great Wave", not "The Big Wave". Oh, that's too nitpicky. I didn't even realize you could put your mouse over the 3D glasses to see the original painting. I thought I knew more about art.

you kick ass! i love this shit. the only problem i have with it is that i brings me back to my horriable art teacheacher who should not have been allowed to teach anything but being a bitch.

Very good, I loved that it was not only entertaining but informative as well. And people say video games make you stupid lol. Great game play very easy, liked that there was humor in it too, (some of those painting names) over all it's definitely a 4 3/4, the graphics were grainy but maybe it was supposed to be that way... If i could I'd totally give it a 4 3/4 because the graphics didn't effect the game play so much so that it deserved a 4 1/2.

not really my thing, nice game tho

Entertaining for while and also accessible for the common ignoramus like me.