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Reviews for "Famous Paintings Parodies 11"

Nice to see this series still going on!

Realy wanted to try this. A pop-up informs me that my version of 'Flash' needs updating. I have had so many problems with nefarious 'Flash' updates that I will not go to the link. Boo-hoo!

What a lovely and educational idea! I especially liked the implementation of the "3D-glasses" which allow you to check out the original painting!

great game! also loved the references, especially eldin vulcano :D

I got every medal! This was mostly because I was disappointed in myself for lying about missing a day of work. Okay, that's too personal. I did love this as always. I didn't see how an engraving was that different than a painting. I think it's just semantics.

Some of the medals don't match the game descriptions. It was "The Great Wave", not "The Big Wave". Oh, that's too nitpicky. I didn't even realize you could put your mouse over the 3D glasses to see the original painting. I thought I knew more about art.