Reviews for "A Pirate's Life"


Oh song long and worth it too. The preloader was great. I enjoyed the carribean style of music as well as the sound effects. I didnt even care about the characters being sticks. I liked the way you could take as long as you needed to read the speech as many movies speed through way too fast. This deserves a spot on the top 50 if not at aleast the front page for a while. Good work and I await your next submission to the portal.

aye matie

that was a grand movie...arrr

It's quite nice.

I'm really into history. Lemme start with detail! Wait, the whole thing is detail. Graphics. Nice gradients and all, but I believe your 3D vanishing point was nonexistant. I must also comment, unless it was a sloop or something, a ship with multiple decks should have at least two masts. Sound. Pretty much only music, a few nice sound effects however, too. Story. Well, nice ideas and yeah, well, a captain wants treasure, another captain boards and wants treasure. Hmmm.. I guess not much detail. Overall I'll say that it's pretty good.

not bad, not bad at all

I really loved this story. it had action and was pretty friggin funny. "shut up! let's talk." "that doesnt make sense, do i shut up or do i talk?" ......."screw you" i actually liked the sword fighting scenes too, they were pretty fun to watch and marcus' back-story was pretty fun. I am giving it a nine because i think you could have added voices to the characters, but that's the only real problem. good job Chris.

This was a really cute cartoon. I admit that I don't really understand how that's even possible. I mean, it shows a guy's hand being cut off! Well, I guess these guys don't technically have hands. How do they hold stuff up anyway? Anyway, the animation as really nice in this.

The stick figures moved very fluidly. I really did find myself liking this captain. He just had a really fun attitude. I appreciate how you made something so nice out of such a basic idea. I'm glad it's in two flash collections!