Reviews for "A Pirate's Life"

Oh man this is so good.

I am in love with the Monkey Island series, and when I saw this title, I was hoping it'd be like it, and I was right. This is a brilliant movie. You rock for liking Monkey Island. Very very smooth animation for stick figures. Great music, great sound fx, great concept. This deserves top 5 for the day, indeed.

#1 of all time by end of the month...

This is alot better than anything on the top 50 of all time, with an actual story and.....

Monkey island music! Good times...

A really great movie!

your flash movie was amazing! but i was wondering, the blue captains ship is called Keizoku. In Final Fantasy 1, for the original Nintendo, there are enemy pirates that you run fight when on ur traveling on water. Did you name the ship after them? or did you came up with the name yourself?

ChrisNosal responds:

I haven't played the first Final Fantasy so I wouldn't know about that. I have a friend who speaks some Japanese, and he told me kaizoku was Japanese for "sea robber" or something like that.

Argh! I found the treasure!

It's right here!

Make a second

Same as above, make a second movie!