Reviews for "A Pirate's Life"


Very good indeed! Let's start out.

Story: 5/5 Fine Fine, not the worst not the best. The islands looked like Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and a few others I don't want to name.

The funny thing is how the captain wanted to be a pirate, met pirates, didn't kill the pirate captain, and almost died because of that.

The map maker was kind of an asshole though, at least split the treasure.
The blue captain was an idiot, 50/50 should be what was given.

Graphics: 5/5 Basic flash, not to bad not to good. Just right. The frame rate could have been better.

Fighting: 4/5 Not very good, it looked like they were playing around and not fighting.
They should have had a fighting stance, and more thrustful sword fighting.

Length of movie: 4/5 It could be better.

When this was made: 10/5 2002, shows real skill.

I'm sure you have Improved your skills drastically.

Good luck in your movies!

nice vid


It's quite nice.

I'm really into history. Lemme start with detail! Wait, the whole thing is detail. Graphics. Nice gradients and all, but I believe your 3D vanishing point was nonexistant. I must also comment, unless it was a sloop or something, a ship with multiple decks should have at least two masts. Sound. Pretty much only music, a few nice sound effects however, too. Story. Well, nice ideas and yeah, well, a captain wants treasure, another captain boards and wants treasure. Hmmm.. I guess not much detail. Overall I'll say that it's pretty good.


It was very cool.


exelent amizing how good amation :) bad guys are in heaven not in space lol