Reviews for "A Pirate's Life"

Stick PIRATES! WOOOOT a first

Im very pleased with this movie, it was very nice hell it just rocked to see some pirates and got my monkey island groove going once more. Im hopeing to see more of these guys, it was funny as hell.

#1 of all time by end of the month...

This is alot better than anything on the top 50 of all time, with an actual story and.....

Monkey island music! Good times...

More Pirates!

It was so smooth and well done and nice and long, you actually did some minor character development. Plus, it was about pirates YARRRRRRRRRRGH. And Pirates freakin rule they are the coolest most bad ass human beings ever in the history of ever. Right on. Make more. More Pirates!!!!!!!!!!

good movie even for sticks!

that was a cool movie. had humor, action, and booze. i enjoyed it alot.

Oh man this is so good.

I am in love with the Monkey Island series, and when I saw this title, I was hoping it'd be like it, and I was right. This is a brilliant movie. You rock for liking Monkey Island. Very very smooth animation for stick figures. Great music, great sound fx, great concept. This deserves top 5 for the day, indeed.