Reviews for "A Pirate's Life"


needs a bit more work though. i laughed at some parts but you need more humorous activity in the next film you decide to make.

I am reporting this flash movie to Lucas Arts!

Just kidding, i dont really give a shit that you stole the music from monkey island. anyways, it was pretty funny, but the sword fighting was pretty lame:the movements were slow and that made it look kind of retarted. And you should've done a voice over instead of that text crap but overall, the movie was pretty good.

PRetty Good

Ambidextrous is when you can use both hands equally, you aren't left or right handed


it was a good movie but 2 things:
1- its too long
2-the stupid button for when they talk it aws stressing

YOU ROCK and something else what is ambidextrous?


sweet stick movie one of the best here easyly! friggin ownz!