Reviews for "A Pirate's Life"


yo this movie really made me a pirate fan :D

A giant leap in flash animation

Ok. Next to Genryu's Blade, this has to be one of the best flash movies out there. and i have my reasons. The chief on being that, you showed that a stick figure movie can be good without resorting to pathetic humor and mindless violence. the characters, though few, had personality and depth. the story line, while not inventive, was well executed. May you post work later in the future, and personaly hope for a sequal.

not so bad

i like the grafics but there wasnt inof action


Well, in art school, we learned that there's a big difference between animating & illustrating, so I let the stick-figures slide. The background art, colors, & story were great! ^o^


that was realy good and killed a good 5 minets or so. i laghed, i cried, it was better than cats.