Reviews for "A Pirate's Life"


That was just absolutely fantastic! The story line was great, very long, and quite specific. The art was fantastic too, the stickmen's limbs moved smoothly and realisticly, the atmosphere of the bar felt like it was real, outside, it made you feel like it was a cool, clear night. The way you used shading and gradients, the way the island looked uninhabited, the way you drew it also went well with the wonderful background noises, the chirping of birds made it feel like it was an actual island. The music was good too, very suitable to the situations. And the final fight was great. This was a fantastic movie where it didn't mean mindless repeated violence, with witty jokes. This gets a 5, fantastic work, and I hope to see more from you!

nice 1

dude make another 1 of these this rocked


Very well done. I liked how you used music from the Monkey Island (tm) series.
Please make more.

:D also

Heh, very good.


Lol yay monkey island remake!
very nice!
musik great ae, graffics is k
just gud ae